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Latest News!!

Apr 1-2, 2017 ZNA NorCal 10th Annual National Koi Show

Exhibitors and visitors from many states attended the show this year. With great weather and great koi, it was an extremely enjoyable event.

Several vendors came from far away to participate and meet new customers in California. A large crowd of visitors created a very vibrant scene Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s a few scenes from the show.


Oct 13, 2016

Fifteen to twenty NorCal Koi Kichi visited the pond at Koten-En to celebrate the holidays, enjoy some great grub and pick up some tips from Dr. Jesse Sanders.

Dr. Jesse scrapped a couple of the Koten-En koi. One was large yamabuki that had been flashing for awhile and the other was a young kujaku that had been severely infested with some sort of parasite a couple of weeks before.

I had treated her tank with Proform-C and everything seemed to be in great shape, but wanted the Doctor to check just to be sure.

I believe everyone had a great time and Dr. Jesse turned up some trichodina on the yamabuki, so we all got a chance to watch her techniques and see what what a parasite looks like on the big screen.

Here’s a video of wetlab:

Hope you all get a chance to read the report of our 2016 Koi Show. The reports just came out in the latest KoiUSA and Nichirin. Both magazines did a great job on the article.

Please check it out and start your plans for the 2017 show!

Happy Koi Keeping!



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