2015 Young Koi Show

The ZNA NorCal Young Koi Show at Genki Nishikigoi took place Saturday, June 6. We had 14 tanks, outstanding competition, excellent judging and educational explanation.

If you attended, I bet you had a great time. If you couldn’t make it here are the details.

Head Judge, Grant Fujita, Assistant Judge, Tom Lai, Observing, Jackson Chen.

Best in Size 1: Tank 1, Sanke-Long Vo
Best in Size 2: Tank 8, Showa-Alex Ngo
Best in Size 3: Tank 6, Kohaku-Dinh Nguyen
Best in Size 4: Tank 3, Sanke-Joseph Sibi & Son
Best in Size 5: Tank 13,-Duke Nguyen
Most Unique: Tank 6: Showa Koromo-Joseph Sibi & Son
Show Chairman’s Award: Tank 10, Tancho-Mitch Lentz
Best Tategoi: Tank 4, Shiro Utsuri-David Tran
Baby Champion: Tank 14, Kohaku-Vinh Pham
Young Champion: Tank 4, Kohaku-David Tran
Reserve Champion: Tank 5, Kohaku-Nathan Truong
Grand Champion: Tank 13, Showa-Duke Nguyen

Here are scenes from the show:

Start prepping that young koi for next years show.


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