ZNA NorCal is saddened by the passing of our first President and esteemed koi master, Grant Fujita. 
The Memorial service for Grant Fujita has been scheduled for June 26. Please use this site below to RSVP, you are all invited. Miki, Grant’s daughter, would be grateful if you all would use the site to rsvp to celebrate his life if possible.

Grant Fujita – “Carry on the spirit of Nishikigoi.”
With great sadness, we informed our fellow ZNA NorCal members and koi hobbyists around the nation of the passing of the club’s first president, Grant Fujita, on May 21, 2021.
Grant lived a full life, and lived his dream of raising koi, teaching, and sharing his koi knowledge with many koi hobbyists around the world.  He did what he loved to do, and his contributions to the koi hobby in California were exceptional.
We would like to share a story.  At the end of our first Young Koi Show, Fujita-san told us that when Dr. Kuroki Takeo, the founder of ZNA, went to California for the Nishikigoi mission, he gave Fujita-san a koi pin with the message, “Carry on the spirit of Nishikigoi.” Fujita-san said that it was time for him to pass this koi pin to Dinh, the founder of ZNA NorCal, with the same message from Dr. Kuroki.  It was an honor for Dinh to have it, and he later passed it on to the next president of ZNA NorCal, with the same message and a request to pass it on to the next president and following presidents, in the hopes that we could continue to carry on the spiritual message of Dr. Kuroki as well as Fujita-San.  Thank you, Fujita-San for this precious memento.
Please let us keep Fujita-San’s family in our prayers. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.
On behalf of ZNA NorCal Chapter
Dinh Nguyen

2021 ZNA Koi Show
We would like to thank ALL our vendors, supporters and exhibitors for sticking with us during the uncertainty and difficulty posed by the coronavirus.  We appreciate your understanding and are so grateful for your support.


For show tanks, please contact David Tran, ulysse96@hotmail.com

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2021 ZNA NorCal

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