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2017 ZNA NorCal National Koi Show !!!!

Only the Name Has Changed

The site of our show has changed names. It is now the Wyndham Garden San Jose Silicon Valley Hotel.

Only three and a half months left until the big day. Make your reservation now!

408-972-7800, ext 1. Mention the event: ZNA NORCAL KOI SHOW, ID: 033017ZNA.

If you encounter problems making a reservation, ask to be transferred to Lena, ext 404. She is very helpful and will be able to complete your reservation.


ZNA Certified Judge Mikihiro Yamada

Please join us to welcome ZNA Judge Mikihiro Yamada to the Home of the Gonsake for judging the 2017 ZNA National Koi Show.
Mikihiro Yamanda is a ZNA Certified Judge. Yamada-san is also a Director of the current ZNA International Board. and  a member of  the Yamaguchi chapter.
We are deeply thankful to judge Mikihiro Yamada for accepting to judge our show.  We are very glad to have ZNA judges from across the world to judging our 2017 ZNA NorCal National Koi Show.  We hope you’ll join us in April to welcome come Judge  Yamada  and his collegues to the Home Of The Gosanke.

ZNA Assistant Certified Judge Toën Feyen

Assisting Judge Yamada  will be Toën Feyen  from the Netherlands. An Assistant Certified Judge since 2011, and the longest serving Voorzitter of the NVN.
Toen has judged in Belgium, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan the USA and the UK. He is also the founding member of the NVN’s Judges Training Program.
This will be Toen’s first judging for the ZNA NorCal Show, We welcome  judge Toen to this distinguished team of judges and look forward to meeting him in April.

ZNA Assistant Certified Judge Bernie Woollans

Bernie is from the United Kingdom (UK) and was promoted to  Assistant Certified Judge early this year. Bern has been a member of the South East Section since 1988 where he was vice chairman for a number of years.
Bernie also held some National positions working on the BKKS National show committee 1994-97 as Show Secretary and the editor of the Show Program. Bernie is a BKKS judge and co-founder/editor for the HotSpot Koi e-Mag.
We are deeply thankful to judge Bernie for accepting to judge our show.  We look forward to welcoming him to Northern California and the Home of the Gosanke in the beautiful month of April.

1-2017 Koi Show Poster

Entrant’s Packet

Supporter’s Packet

Show Committee


In Memoriam

It is with great regret we mark the passing of a much loved longtime member Louie Hernandez. I didn’t know Louie that well having come to the hobby relatively lately and especially to ZNA NorCal, but I always saw him at our events and anything else remotely related to koi in the area.

Dinh tells me Louie was actually the first member to sign up when he re-founded ZNA NorCal. Earlier this year we made Louie an Honorary Lifetime Member. We had hoped he’d be able to enjoy that for many more years. That wasn’t to be, but Louie will be remembered a long time by koi keepers on the West coast and no doubt far beyond our region.

We’ll miss you Louie.






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